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Everything you need to build a rewarding business doing what you LOVE

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The Entrepreneur Express Lane is a practical, fast-track route from passionate interest to thriving business. This 3-month intensive program gives you all the resources, personalized guidance and support you need to build a soul-satisfying and profitable career - and with greater ease and speed than ever.

You get coaching calls, guided exercises and worksheets that will help you

Identify and build relationships with your ideal clients:

• How to identify the ideal client you would love to work with

• Understanding their doubts, fears, desires, dreams so you can serve them more effectively

• The 5 biggest misconceptions entrepreneurs have about marketing to their ideal client

Define and communicate your unique value:

• 8 value-blocking mindsets that can lose customers and kill your business

• Translating your expertise, experience and everything you do into value

• Serving prospective clients by effectively communicating your value

• How to enjoy marketing your services (even if you think you hate “selling”)

Design premium, high-value programs and packages:

• Stop overworking, undercharging and trading “dollars for hours” - grow your income with packages your clients will happily buy, that give them the outcomes they desire

• Brainstorm names that clearly communicate the value of what you offer

• Create a complete outline for your premium package

• Build components into your outline and assign value to each

Create a new, positive pricing mindset and strategies:

• Start paying closer attention to how you think about price

• Learn when you should think about raising your prices and how to go about doing it (no excuses!)

How can this program make a difference in your business - and your life?

• You'll be kept accountable and on track, so you're able to achieve even your most ambitious professional and personal goals

• It can help you see your blind spots, get out of your own way and make faster progress

• You get a “success toolkit” that you can use over and over, saving you valuable time and effort

Total Value: $5500

o Start today - pay in full and save over $3500!

o Or choose 3 monthly installments

Your Instructor

Margery Manuli
Margery Manuli

Dr. Margery Manuli is on a mission - to help people quickly move beyond a life they think they have to settle for, into a life they love. If you are at a major turning point in your career or personal life, she can help you develop a powerful new abundance mindset, learn to think more creatively and broadly about success, and get on track toward a richer, more fulfilling "next chapter".

Margery is a certified life coach and a physician with over 30 years of experience in clinical practice and teaching. As the director of training programs at two prestigious medical schools she supported hundreds of residents, fellows and students, helping them to achieve and exceed their highest goals. She is also an accomplished watercolor artist and teacher, and especially enjoys helping beginners gain confidence so they can experience the joy of creating art.

When you work with Margery, you'll get the support, guidance and accountability you need to achieve your goals in the areas of life most important to you.

Clear Simple SOULutions - Dream Boldly. Think Creatively. Achieve Brilliantly.


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